The Sheffer Web App at a Glance

The Sheffer Mobile Web App is a web-based application that can be used from any desktop, laptop, or smart device and it puts all things Sheffer right in the palm of your hands.

Once registered to use the app, you will be able to do the following:

  • Configure standard cylinders
  • Create and email customer quotes
  • Get Tracking information for orders that have shipped
  • Download drawings for most NFPA standard cylinders
  • Lookup your Gold Customers
  • View, download or email PDF versions of all Sheffer catalogs
  • View accessory drawings
  • View and contact key Sheffer personnel
  • Send feedback directly to Sheffer
  • Connect to Sheffer via social media


    • The app is extremely user friendly, easy to navigate and requires little to no training
    • The app is intended to be used by both inside and outside sales reps
    • You will always have access to our current pricing
    • You will be able to provide quotes to your customers right in the field
    • You can email quotes directly to your customers from the app
    • Using the app will reduce wait time for pricing needed on standard items

By providing your quote numbers on PO’s, you reduce the risk of error and decrease the time needed to process the order

Register An Account Here