Bore: 1-1/8" thru 8" cataloged standardsHydraulic Cylinders

MH Series: Medium Duty

Bore: 1-1/8″ thru 8″ cataloged standards
Rating: Up to 2,000 PSI working pressure *See Information on pg MH-4 for Specifics    Mountings: 20 cataloged mounts; specials available

  • ANSI, NFPA, JIC interchangeable dimensions
  • Hydrodynamic in-board rod bearing for low friction and long life
  • Unique slipper seal piston for low friction, breakaway and long life
  • Abrasion resistant rod seal and wiper
  • Studded rod end – 4 wrench flats
  • Adjustable cushions available

For more information on the MH Series: Medium Duty Hydraulic Cylinder, download the electronic version of our brochure (PDF).For more information on this product, including: construction, dimensions, parts list and conversion charts download the PDF brochure.



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