Hydraulic Cylinders

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With quality, reliability and the ability to handle ultra-high pressure, Sheffer hydraulic cylinders bring numerous advantages to every application, from custom tie-rod cylinders and hydraulic actuators to NFPA cylinders.

  • HH Series – heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders
  • MH Series – medium-duty hydraulic cylinders
  • UH Series – ultra high-pressure hydraulic cylinders
  • CL Series – heavy duty clamp hydraulic cylinders

As the industry’s leading cylinder manufacturer, our expertise also extends to pneumatic cylindershydraulic cylinders, and custom cylinder designs – in addition to manufacturing competitive replacements for Parker pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

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High-performance, high-quality cylinders for every application – including yours. Use the Cylinder Configurator to find the ideal cylinder for your exact application. Or if you have certain specifications ready for your custom cylinder, contact us or let us send you an Express Quote for your unique product.

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