Our special cylinders are built to order for custom requirementsCustom Cylinders

Built by design.

There’s no substitute for experience when building specialty cylinders – and that we have in spades. There’s little we haven’t seen, and even less we can’t produce. From the very beginning, special orders and custom solutions have been a strong point at Sheffer, products of our spirit of innovation. Every day, we manufacture specialty cylinders that other companies can’t make or are reluctant to try.

So when your application calls for long-stroke hydraulic cylinders from a compact design, we can help. The advantage of telescoping hydraulic cylinders comes from their special ability to provide an exceptionally long stroke from a compact initial package.

From telescoping hydraulic cylinders to long-stroke hydraulic cylinders and multi-stage, single and double-acting cylinders, Sheffer designs and manufactures an extensive variety of products. Our special cylinders are built to order for custom requirements – high-quality cylinders that are often subject to the harshest of environments and toughest of conditions for some of the world’s most prestigious clients, from the space shuttle to the nuclear industry.

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