Founders and Early Years

1952 – Don and Harvey Sheffer founded Sheffer Engineering, marking the beginning of a journey that would see the company grow and evolve into a leading name in the industry.

1956 – Sheffer became incorporated, setting the stage for future expansions and innovations.

Expansion and Innovation

1961 – The Ralph J. Stolle Company purchased The Sheffer Corporation, providing new opportunities for growth.

1967 – The company moved from Reading, Ohio to a newly constructed facility in Blue Ash, Ohio, featuring 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

1968 – Sheffer established a licensee agreement in Europe, extending its reach internationally.

1969 – Entered the nuclear cylinder market, establishing itself as a leader in the industry.

1971 – Became the first to install position feedback on a cylinder, setting a new standard in the industry.

1979 – Developed the current slipper piston seal, further enhancing product reliability.

Further Growth and Market Leadership

1980 – An additional 30,000 square feet was added to the Cincinnati facility to accommodate growing demand.

1981 – Established a 45,000 square foot facility in Atlanta, GA, expanding manufacturing capabilities.

1982 – Redesigned the HH series to enhance longevity and serviceability.

1986 – Entered the mobile cylinder market, diversifying product offerings.

1998 – Introduced an industry-exclusive advanced configurator and acquired all assets of Reddick Cylinder Company.

Modern Innovations and Milestones

1999 – Established the Gold Program, highlighting commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

2000 – Supplied cylinders for the Space Shuttle Crawler, demonstrating technological prowess.

2002 – Acquired the first 5-axis CNC machinery, advancing manufacturing capabilities.

2006 – Exited the mobile cylinder market to focus on core competencies. Developed a partnership with Lockheed Martin for fatigue testing on the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF35) and introduced industry-exclusive captive cushions.

2013 – Developed a direct-to-market sales chain, streamlining operations.

Recent Achievements

2018 – President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, visited the Sheffer Corporation, recognizing its contributions to the industry.

2021 – Established an e-commerce sales market and entered ground support for the aerospace industry, working with SpaceX and Blue Origin.

2024 – Implemented automatic robotic welding at the Atlanta facility, showcasing continued commitment to technological advancement and efficiency.

Sheffer Corporation continues to innovate and expand, building on a rich history of excellence and leadership in the industry.