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Sheffer distributors are located around the world in order to maintain the level of customer service that is our trademark. Contact the Sheffer distributor near you to place an order or to obtain more information.

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Engineering + Technical Support

Our engineers are available to visit you on-site to see and discuss your needs firsthand, and are always accessible for questions and follow-up support.

Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic Cylinders

With bores ranging from 3/4″ thru 14″ as catalog standards and larger as custom, with pressure ratings up to 250 PSI, these reliable, long-lasting cylinders bring Sheffer performance anywhere you require linear pneumatic actuators.

HH Heavy Duty Series Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

With quality, reliability and the ability to handle ultra-high pressure, Sheffer hydraulic cylinders bring numerous advantages to every application, from custom tie-rod cylinders and hydraulic actuators to NFPA cylinders.

Electronic Positioning Cylinders

Electronic Positioning Cylinders

Sheffer manufactures all types of cylinders to meet our customers’ needs, including cylinders with electronic “position feedback” devices — for which we routinely modify our cylinders to accept those various devices.

We believe that product performance is the best indicator

Our hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are proven to decrease downtime, minimize waste and maximize profits better than any cylinder on the market today.

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Grinding down parts

The History of Sheffer Corporation

While we’re on the cutting edge of modern cylinder production and technology, our business is still run on a simple principle – the idea that a handshake can stand as a solid promise. Our mission is to change the perception of the cylinder manufacturer industry.

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What is the Gold Program?

Guaranteed 3-day shipment, guaranteed 3-year warranty, around-the-clock breakdown & replacement service -- and that's just the start. Become a member of our Gold Program now to utilize countless benefits that won't cost you a thing.

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Our Work in Action

As cylinder specialists, Sheffer has earned the reputation for high quality, lasting performance, minimal downtime and low operating costs. We are motivated by the challenge to manufacture high-performance cylinders for a variety of applications. In many cases, these are cylinders that other companies can’t produce, won’t manufacture or are reluctant to try.

Marine Dredge Cylinders
Dump Scow Application
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