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Sheffer’s team of engineers go the extra mile to support you throughout the design and implementation of our pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder products. We know you need exact information and assistance on matters that will directly affect your business, so as a unique service in this cutting-edge industry, our engineers are available to visit you on-site to see and discuss your needs firsthand, and are always accessible for questions and follow-up support.

Whether it’s discussing generated force and movable distance or walking through your operating environment, travel speeds and pressures spikes, our engineers are at the vanguard of cylinder manufacturing and their real-world uses. Throughout the design of your application, our engineers follow your cylinder every step of the way, identifying any areas of concern from effects and fatigue analyses, and even life testing for large OEM applications.

Our engineering support includes:
  • Custom cylinder quotations in three days or less
  • Direct access to our engineers for technical assistance
  • Engineering testing, evaluation and troubleshooting
  • Application evaluations and recommendations
  • Conceptual development and reverse engineering
  • 3-D solid models available in your format
  • Finite element stress analysis
  • Virtual and physical prototyping
  • Final engineering drawings provided for approval and implementation

In addition, our Gold Program provides exclusive access to additional engineering information, including 2-D drawings, 3-D models and engineering charts, as well as answers to your most frequently asked questions. Through our Gold Program and engineering support, we’re working to ensure you get the maximum performance and benefits from your Sheffer hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Our New Captivated Cushion Design

As a part of our commitment to the continuous improvement of our product we would like to introduce to you our new captivated cushion design. This design will ultimately be used in all of our pneumatic and hydraulic cushioned cylinders coming in 2013. Learn more

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Blog

The Sheffer Pneumatic & Hydraulic Blog covers cylinder engineering and usage -- application, specifying, configuring, maintenance, failure analysis, troubleshooting and innovation. Read recent posts

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